France Annecy 2016

C'est La Vie is my third Solo Exhibition in Annecy France. All pieces are acrylic on stretched canvas.

Remaining pieces available through the Gallerie des Announciades (Nadine Prisset) or contact me directly.

Chance encounter
 Chance Encounter - High Street Blues 50x60cm
                     $425 AU  (Framed Tasmanian Oak)

Lucilles near Drome

Lucilles Near Drome
50x40cm SOLD

Blue Spruce Landscape

Blue Spruce Landscape 50x40cm $300 AU

Pond At Poisy Village

The Pond At Poisy Village ( triptych) 65x65 SOLD

A Top Tea

A Top Tea 
30x40cm $320 AU SOLD



Lac Annecy

Lac Annecy  40x50  SOLD

Lavender Hill

Lavender Hill 50x60cm SOLD

Afternnon Tea Butterfly Bowl

Tea with Butterfly Bowl 60x50cm $350 AU SOLD

Landscape Drome, France

Poplar landscape
 40x30cm $320 AU SOLD
 (Framed Tasmanian Oak)

Uphill from here

Uphill from here 30x40cm $300 AU

Poplar Landscape

Poplar landscape 50x60cm $320 AU

Tea With Australian Natives

Hello Australian Natives 50x60cm $420 AU
(Framed White)

Gouldian tea

A Gouldian Tea 50x60cm $420 AU SOLD
(Framed White)

Take a Seat

Take a seat 50x60cm $320 AU