is a series of images and texts that intertwine to tell stories of hope and loss, land and sea, death and rebirth.

Paintings by Wendy Donellan showcase her exquisite use of colour and light to examine places and people both real and illusory. These images capture Australian and French landscapes and characters as they were, are, and as they exist in the realm of the imagination. Accompanying these images are a series of vignettes and short stories by her son J. M. Donellan, author of Killing Adonis and Stendhal Syndrome. These stories are presented both as text and audio recordings to create a multi-sensory exploration of the worlds into which the viewer is invited to explore.

Twelve - Stories from Paintings

              A limited edition book (100 copies) is available. 

              Audio recordings of the stories are also available Audio Files Twelve

Exhibition at Woolloongabba Art Gallery 26th April -7th May

Event Night 29th April 6-8pm all welcome 

All paintings are original acrylic on canvas  90x90 cm by Wendy Donellan. 



 Traffic Lightslandscape of the Elysian Muse
The Break at Rainbow Beach SOLD


What's new at the Pond 2  SOLD

Aller le Chat Bleu $1400 framed white

Say Sea  SOLD

Burn  SOLD

Last Post at pear Wood SOLD

Dam Stench of an ending SOLD

Unknown Passed Over SOLD

Harem Tears  SOLD
Last light at Hamilton Reach $1350 framed oak -  SOLD (donated in kind  )