Elizabeth Ruth STEIN - Artist

I am a Brisbane based Australian artist specializing in acrylic painting. Since taking up painting in early 2011, my works have been snapped up by local, national and international buyers.

I have had multiple solo exhibitions including three in Annecy, France in 2014, 2015, 2016. (All sold out). As a result of my changing status and understanding of my Jewish heritage, I have taken my Great Grandmother's name (Stein),my Grandmother's name (Ruth) and begun using my second name (Elizabeth) for signing my works starting October 22, 2016. My artworks will be signed with my E.R. STEIN logo from this date.

I am fortunate to have sold much of my work on completion and enjoy a strong demand for commission works.
Taking my influences from a childhood in Canberra, world travel, Impressionist and Post Impressionist Painters,

my works have been described as "Sgt Peppers meets the French Masters for a picnic"

My 7th Solo Exhibition 'A Dance With the Divine' will be at my representing Gallery -
       Revival Art And Design   17 Greg Chappell Street Albion.

Contact me for a private studio viewing or discussion.
Home Studio: 314 Waterworks Road
Queensland  4060
Mobile +61 428 387 856 

Selected works for sale at:
O'Brien's Accountants, Latrobe Terrace Paddington, Brisbane

*Please note: much of my work is sold while still in progress  - find me on 
Facebook Elizabeth Ruth Stein (personal page) or Instagram Elizabeth_R_Stein for works in progress.




Lightning Cracks

Lightning Cracks Over Cane Fields 2020  120 x100cm SOLD

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